Welcome to your new favorite social club! Chock full of muggles, misfits, miscreants, and middle-management, we’re here to share our diverse opinions on all manner of Geekery.

Titillating Techno-Babble! Pop-Culture Pontification! Arguing the finer points of RPG strategy and comic book backstory until nobody gives a shit anymore! We’ve got it all! And you just hold on to your butt, because I haven’t even told you the very best thing. You totally want to hear that don’t you? You bet your sweet ass you do.

The best thing is..


And us…

I’m trying to say we want to be your friend, ok. Don’t make it weird.

The Geek Society started as a group of lonely, isolated weirdos meeting in some strange lady’s house to play board games and eat chips, and we’ll never forget our roots. Our mission is to connect as many nerds as we can, share our talents and triumphs, and just be there for each other, all while geeking out about our favorite things.

So, come and join us. Life is better with friends! <3

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